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When i install this it keeps going over the nav bar like in the screean shot below, can anyone tell me how to change this so it sits correctly please.



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ccc_ said:
i was thinking about installing this on my forum but it's too easily exploitable

case in point: Cerjy.Net - View Profile: Zain (scroll down to see his mood)

anyone with the Opera browser can edit that to display whatever pictures they want

Anyone know of a fix for this exploit?

volgan said:
here the moods from VBimageworks or w/e they're name is

easy to get with ff image dropper

Thanks for that. Do these also come black matted? My forum uses a dark background and these don't look very good as they are white matted :(

Mr-Ice-Man said:
Thanks mate that worked brill.
Ive installed it on Version 3.8.1

No probs bud, and cheers. I installed on 3.8.0 and works a treat ;)


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hmm this seems cool and all but what id really like to see is the vBstatus mod and this combined so when you update your status on vBstatus you could also update your mood. Makes since right? Think of it as a myspace look alike type thing :p anyways i use the vbstatus mod for now and have figured out ways of editing it to make it more fun check it out sometime.