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I just installed this on my forum and it works on my standard template but doesnt work on my 'twisted Black' template. Any suggestions?

Thank you


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It works as in so much as you get the list of moods without graphics (yes I have the images in the right place, forums/vmoods/images) and you can't choose which mood you want. Any tips?


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did you make sure your image folder is writable for the images to be pulled out or did you choose the setting of text instead of images, becuase they'll just show the name of the image not the image it self so try one of those

1)Check if folder is writable
2)Check settings
3)well try reinstalling if those two above don't work or get a better host xD


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does anyone have any pics for moods that are like the originals but better? As in not stretching beyond one line? Thanks...also thanks for this post :)


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I cant seem to make this work on v3.7.2 or show on my forum. All files are in public_html root and chmod=777 on all folders and files, xml is installed in products and settings are shown as well under all options.Shows Only On default skin!


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Could some of vBTeam PHP gurus look into this code and find out why this mod doesn't work with every forum style?

For example, i'm using following styles:

default, Visual Depth, iSkin, iSkin Black and Fusion (all from extreme pixels, excluding default of course) and the mod works only in default and Visual Depth.

Visual Depth is installed in /forumroot/images/styles and the rest in /forumroot. Maybe that's why?

Btw. it works in navbar but not in postbit.

PS. Nice site. I accidentially came across it today and i think i'm gonna stay for a longer time :) You guys have what i was looking for. Thank you for that.


I played a bit with this mod and i got it to work. Put this code:

<if condition="$vboptions['vmoods_active'] AND $post['userid'] > 0 AND $post['vmood'] != 'none'">

<div class="info">

<span style="vertical-align: middle;">$vbphrase[vmoods_my_mood] </span>

<img style="vertical-align: middle" src="$vboptions[vmoods_images_path]/$post[vmood].gif" border="0" />



to postbit_legacy (ACP-->Styles&Templates-->Style Manager-->xxx template-->Edit Template-->Postbit Templates-->postbit_legacy)

Just pick a place. I placed it after

<if condition="$post[icqicon] or $post[aimicon] or $post[msnicon] or $post[yahooicon] or $post[skypeicon]"><div class="info">$post[icqicon] $post[aimicon] $post[msnicon] $post[yahooicon] $post[skypeicon]</div></if>

But it's not really a solution, is it? Is there a better way to get it working?