vBulletin 4 Main Features


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VIRUXZ said:
yeah, hay que esperar vbulletin 4, jeje vbulletin es lo mejro y con el 4 sera una mola xD. i`m not speak english, sorry xD.

Hazlo la próxima vez, sino, utiliza el traductor de Google, el idioma que se tiene que hablar es el inglés ;)


I can't wait for the first beta.


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I see that vBulletin Developers have also done a lot with attachement management, that looks really promising.


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One thing i and thousands of others would like to see is the ability to display just about anything within Vb on external pages.
I know things like VbExternal and the like exist, but surely the Vb developers have a better knowledge to integrate almost anything.


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yeh i think a internal mod where you can create vb powered pages *custom* with options to keep the page to just guests etc.. to show errors messages and so forth :p


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When is it coming the mighty Vb 4. Wait...wait...looks hard work to null completely this time.

Get some screen shots please.
Hoxxy said:
Though there are some nice new things being added/changed (semantic markup and CSS styling etc etc) I personally think its getting to bloated...by the time vb 5 comes out it will simply be a Facebook/Myspace clone with a good forum backend...

If I actually cared about my personal forum I would revert back to 3.6.x and spend the time sorting out all the errors that would occur due to reverting backwards...as it is and as I always say I only keep to the latest version so to stay upto date with changes to help vBTEAM members ;)

Same for my forum. Personally I think 3.6 is the best version, and then 3.7.6



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Wow a whole new release number must be a big rewrite worth checking out when released but not sure if ill move up.