[3.8.2] Ambient_Lighting Blue [TheProphet]


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first, very nice skin good work, but i have a problem with the postbit view:
how can i change it?


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lol, now i see.... your running normal postbit... switch to postbit legacy m8

admincp --> vBulletin Options --> vBulletin Options--> Style & Language Settings --> Use Legacy (Vertical) Postbit Template

And set this to Yes.... now look again ;)


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TheProphet said:
Jesus.... i add a noob instruction set with this... shame on you by asking this m8.

oO.......lol i wasnt actually using this theme and i actually havent even d/l this yet im using the xray theme, i like the white better :p but maybe ill d/l this for your "noob instructions" ........or not


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What a beautiful theme! When user use the small log in in the left top, user filled the user and tab to fill the password but its tab to the main log in panel, could you plx to edit its tab in right way? Thank you.


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TheProphet said:
Well if you rub out the sand in your eyes you see a blanc logo as attachement.

Hey, first off... Awesome job on this style.

Second, how would I go about changing the buttons that have Home/Forum/Memberlist/Calendar/ContactUs to some other links? Like one would be a link to a different site all together and another would be a link to a thread in the forum.