What is xml Update ?


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Ok this is being placed here as im not going to explain this but Once.

Do to all the themes, skins, rips, ports on here when most of us that do update a theme it is usally just simple or extensive code change.

On occasion there are some graphic changes but not normally and when this happens we re- release the entire them so you dont have to bother with placing graphics in certian folders and posibily make a mistake and due damage.

If there are no Graphics being changed or added this is called a xml Update..which means there is no demo, no PSD's, no Folders to upload to your server.

I will say most xml's updated means the theme is already posted here a vBteam and if you wish to find it just use the search feature and im sure it will appear.

To update your xml with the new version just download the new one and import it through your admincp > styles & templates > download/upload > choose the xml > dropdown list choose same theme > click overwrite > then import and your finished ..then new xml has been installed and ready to use.

Now for thoses of you who have heavy Modded boards ask the person who updated the xml for a change log so you can manually update and not lose your mods. This does not mean that person will have a log or will even respond but most should and I believe would.

Now I have explained this and if I see someone posting anything like where the demo, wheres the theme, scrn shot or such you will be warned appropiately and infraction given if warranted.