What games are best for PSP?


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Please recommend 2 very good games. I would want one of them to be a great never-get-tiring shooting game and a sports game. I'm mostly into a soccer game though. Thank you very much. And also, if you answer this last question, I would give you the "Best Answer". Do you need something special such as "wireless internet" in your home to play online games for PSP?<br />


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If you want a good shooter, i would get metal gear solid potable ops, i don't play sports games so i can't help you with that. To take the psp online yes you have to have a WiFi connection ( wireless internet) near you, if you do not have one in your home, try public places such as alibraryry or school.


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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2. and yes, you need wireless internet for online games. but go 2 network update, then go to scan, then pick one of the connections it will say the percentage of how strong the connection is. then do the rest of the stuff, then save changes, then u have wireless internet! hope i helped!


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The best PSP games are not the games we imagined when Sony announced its intentions to dominate the portable gaming market