Weird Problem


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Actually the problem is:

After I login to the vB,it sends me to the same page instead of showing me the index page.

andI If I refresh the page, it takes me to the index page.

But why refresh ???

Please temme the solution.


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Try Going To

or -

Maybe Because You Typed In Password Wrong.
Make Sure Its Typed In Correctly.



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You didnt get my problem.
When I login:
Background process(My board works fine, it sends me to the index page and successfully logs me in.)
Frontend(But it doesnt shows me index page and successful login).

So when I login, I have to refresh the page again, and this time after refresh I m sucessfully logged in and on index page.


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Is Your Index Your Forum Page Or Your Home Page?

Do You Have A Portal? If So And You Have Logged Into

There, Try Going To Forums....


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Are cookies enabled on your browser and its an html refresh not a php header it could be a problem with the null as well.