vS-Hide Hack Resurrection - Setup Permissions - [HIDE] not working


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Hidden Block (24 post(s) are required, you have 413):
You do not have sufficient rights to see the hidden data contained here.
I get this error, can someone tell me how to fix this? thanks


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I have a problem m8´s

i have on my board 2 hidecodes. The first in post 1 and the second in post 5.

When i click the THX button only the hide on post 1 is open... i must activate thx on all post but thats crap...

can i only thanks at the first post and ALL of the hide in the thread are open?


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When I use [hide] or anything about hide hack, the link to hide, dissapear nd I cann´t see anymore. plz help me

nd logged whit another account, nd i cann´t see the thanks button!?


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I Just installed it and everything went fine and it is working fine wit all its functions.

But I just Noticed a thing, Plz Help me i am stuck in crtical situation,

if vS Hide HAck is Enabled,

I can't Edit, Delete a Post, or Even i can't start a new Topic


if i Disable it,

I cant Even Browse a Single Forum, Simply a Blank Page Opens,

Plz Help ME
Hurry Up


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alexander_extreme said:
finally!!! this help me a lot!!

as a gift i'm gonna leave all the files that we have to modificate, but with the modifications already done, this files are from vbulletin 3.7.2



i've used thats attachments but, nothing happened...
the templates change is complete,


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i have a big problem. the hidden stuff is hidden in the forum posts but when i show this threads on my main page (vBadvanced CMPS) the link is shown. see yourself on the screenshots:

on the picture 12 you can see the post how it is shown on main page. the second one is the same post in the forum.



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For appear the mod complete you can modify the permission in usergroup AdminCp! and next modify the forum in forum manager and activate option about vsHack!


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guys i have this problem :

This hack is working good except for the Hide-Thanks , i see the thanks button to press but when i press it nothing happen and the hidden content wont show....

please how to fix this problem ?


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could anyone help me out? i have the limited version , it doesnt matter actually but users/guests could still see hidden stuff when they are viewing in archive mode, i've tried everything and can't figure it out so if anyone has an idea or solution please let me know and could u be kind enough to send me your archive/index.php file please? thanks you