*VERY* slow internet after VPS/VPN combination .. !


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Hi guys ... So I got a VPS from RamNode yesterday .. I spent like 4-5 hours to get a stable OS running (I think there are problems with the OS images they have available - didn't have those problems on other VPS Providers - Not a big issue though) ..

I used the following tutorial to setup an OpenVPN server on that VPS, which I can successfully connect to from half way around the world:


The only problem is, the internet I get via the VPS's VPN is ****very**** slow !! It takes like 1 whole minute to load Amazon.com !!

I tried a speedtest from my own laptop, while choosing the server nearest to my VPS for the test, and this is what I got:


How can I speed-up the internet ?

I have a StrongVPN account as well, and I regularly connect to their New York server (even further from my physical location), and the speed on that is very very good !

The specs of my VPS are as follows:

256MB VSwap
1 CPU Core @ 3.3GHz+
10GB SSD space
1Gbps Port
TUN/TAP Enabled

Any help ? That's one of the bad things when using a VPS. Unless you get or pay a real good VPS server. I have a StrongVPN account too, and the New York server I normally use has a very similar ping result (400 ms ~ 500ms), but the connection is fast enough to allow me to watch Amazon Instant videos in HD. On this VPN, I can hardly get Amazon's page to load up ..

Since ping result is same for both, there has to be some other issue.