vBulletin 4 Asset (Attachements) Manager Demo #2


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Having continued working on the asset management system that I previously demonstrated. The system looks and behaves much differently than what you have seen so far. I have applied a lot of polish to the interface, added a multiple upload system using flash, and added upload progress bars. Managing multiple attachments/assets at once is now possible as well by ctrl-clicking on a thumbnail.

The blog is now working on vB4 as well. I have integrated the new attachment system into Blog 2.1, which is what I am currently calling the version of the blog that supports vB4. The release is not going to have many new features as the point of it is to release a version of the blog that will work on vBulletin4. The integrated attachment system means that attachments in the blog are stored and served by the same scripts that store and serve forum attachments. It also means you can quickly reuse attachments from the blog on the forum, and vice versa.

Click here to see the demo