vBulletin 4.0 Dev Update

Mr. C

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Ray said:
I am happy to report that we're down to a short list of items remaining before we can officially begin alpha testing vBulletin 4.0, which I expect to start within a few weeks. Alpha testing will occur in phases, with the Forum released first, then followed shortly thereafter by the full Suite.

The alpha release is the earliest point at which vBulletin is installable, and its purpose is to identify issues on a wide variety of environments as early as possible. To that end, alpha testers are those with a long history using vBulletin and who have experience integrating plugins, styles, right-to-left text rendering, and other factors that are likely to reveal bugs.

Additionally, throughout both the alpha and beta releases, we are using a dedicated internal QA team, as well as external QA resources, to help us find and fix bugs as early in the process as possible.

As we get closer to gold release, we'll announce the official details of licensing, pricing and discounts.

Stay tuned!

Mr. C says Meh. They should have made it public.


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ya they should have.. watch when gold comes out and the support forums get spammed with bug notifications from members.. 4.1 will be more like 4.0 GOLD.. because it will fix shit and add stuff.. "hopefully"