vBTEAM style ripped...!


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So it looks like someone has ripped our custom style and has posted it over @ vb.org:
I aswell as others have reported it but org seem to be slow on taking it down and are simply deleting any posts that mention the fact the member who did post it is not the original designer,

As of this time it has been downloaded 43 times and so our style is no longer custom which is a real shame so I am suggeting we come up with a new one...

I was working on a style to release but as this has happened I decided to focus it on a candidate for a new vBTEAM style, heres what I have come up with so far (See attachment - WIP):

The colors are reletivly the same just a bit darker and the statusicons and such still need to be changed but the basic structure is done, I know .v0id's gonna hate it as it uses images but hey ho we got to do something....lmao.


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Design whatever you want (with as many images as you like), as long as it's custom and looks good. I'm happy to add extra themes :)

The current style was not ripped properly, all the buttons were fucked up + nobody copied the navbar properly (dunno why!?).