vBSkinworks Socom Elites


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Emma said:
Hi, I've managed to rip the images, along with the style.css (<-I think) but that's as far as i have managed to get due to commitments and the brain is a bit frazzled right now :D
I can add the mentioned, but as for the xml (can't remember how to do that part, too tired!)
In styles you need click download/upload and you can download the xml.

If you can rar/zip it, I'm sure one of us can work out the rest of the skin.
Hi Don,

Thank you ;)
I tried to upload the images to the correct location, create a new style with the style css but it just doesn't appear correctly sadly :(
But here's the folder containing all the images that i could possibly grab and the style css. If anyone can get it to work or has the theme to share then that would be amazing, and greatly appreciated :)