vbapp Update

+ vBApp Portable is now available as requested by v0id ;)
* Update Error Fixed
* Link in messages can now be clicked
* Changed Tools > Settings design completely
* Members List Double Click Error fixed
-- There are some small changes which I dont remember lol

vBApp Portable (Just make sure you copy your data.mdb to the vBApp Portable's directory from your old install, if you need your old data)

vBApp Patch (Who dont want to use Portable)

Note: You still need .NET Framework 2.0 installed on that PC for portable to work.


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Will test it soon, and give some feedback ;)

Also, I got a ftp/http account for you, I will send details soon.


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I've been quite busy this weekend, I will get back to you with all the stuff as soon as possible.
psilocybin said:
I can't even open vBApp anymore. I get this error every time:

vBApp has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Uninstall it from Add-Remove programs, Backup your data.mdb vBApp database first, database should be there after uninstallation though), Install from the old setup if you still have 1, or download it from the last post and wait until we do next remote session lol.

which one are you using, portable or the full installer?

btw, who did you vote for?