Urdu lanugauge pack for vBulletin :(?? anyone have dat


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Pixel3 said:
if someone finds a urdu language pack plz pm me I am also looking for it. thanks in advance

For Urdu Pack just contact the admin of the Board where you find the Urdu language ... I think it is the better, way... :)
Anyways best of luck..


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i have finiesh my urdu vb 3.8.0
i will realse soon (in 2-3 days)

if u give me webhosting (purchased) then i will give you full urdu packge with urdu keyboard
and will help you in every moments
Allah hafiz


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You can't find Urdu language pack for vBulletin because it nobody has released it yet. Every Urdu forum has its own translation done by its own author.


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chaudry said:
you can see urdu language pack for vb
download attachment and unzip archive and see forum home page
Chudhary sahab..
aap yahan par free share karo..
By the way Kitnay kay day rahay ho aap?
Koi announcement waghera tu ki bhi nahi hay janab sahab nay....


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thank you chaudry sahab api ni acha kia mein ne test karlia abhi tak kise nahi ap ko thank you kiya :( mein kar tha hoon


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thanks krazy bro
i have comlete the langugae in 5 days
now i will send the file to the admin of this site then all user can use this