[uB] Advertisement System V2.6 Aka Ad Management


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Advertisement System V2.6 Aka Ad Management,

Many forums are using the Ad management system, however the coder has stopped supporting the script. Therefore I have decided to release this modification. I will give support to those who need it and continue to make updates to the system.
Live Demo

The Advertisement System was designed with the intent that anyone with any level of experience could use the system. It is easy to install and once installed, the templates are easy to use on a site. The advertisement system has several features that sites will enjoy such as it can be used on versions 3.6.x as well as 3.7.x. The ads can be placed in the following areas: header , footer , below whats going on, below the navbar , postbit , postbit legacy, pms, announcement, archive, left & right column in forum home , left column in member info and full page , threadbit , as well as forumbit. Also, the ability to not display advertisement on certain pages such as login, registration & the search page. This system allows you to personalize the system to better suit their needs such as setting permissions like ads after first post on a page, ads after last post on a page, ads after X post on a page, and ads every X posts on a thread. You may also display ads by forum ID, as well as customize the full page for your site. The system comes with a feature for auto refresh ads as well as Google analytics. Besides the features,there is constant support given to those who need it and of course, updates are made to the system in order to better serve the sites using the system.

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he most likely has put a virus in the code,

you can tell because he only has 4 posts, so don't download it,


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Your description says that it can be used on 3.6.x , however when installing I get the following error.

The following dependencies were not met:

1. This product is not compatible with version 3.6.8 of the board. (Compatible starting with 3.7.0)