[TUT] Creating A simple page translation script


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Here i will show you how to create a simple translation script for your forums footer using flags with links to yahoo ' babel fish ',

1st go to : Yahoo! Babel Fish - Text Translation and Web Page Translation then goto translate a webpage put in your forums URL,

2nd goto the dropdown menu then select

Your 'forum lang' to 'what lang you want the translation of the webpage to to be in'

Click translate then copy the text from in your navbar it should be something like this :

Now find a nice flag to add to your footer i found a few set's on google images :

Small | Meduim | Large

Now cut out the flag you want and upload it to a image host or to your forum and add this code to the bottom of your footer changing the bold text:

<a href="[BYour babel fish url[/b]" target="_blank"><img src="Your image url" border="0" alt="Translate to your lang"></a>

Keep all " tags in

Add it to your footer and save test it and your done.

Hope this helps - vF.