Trasion Shop & Cash Systems


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Merged iShop and iCash, into one modification really. There will be many more features coming your way soon!


+ Multiple Shop Categories
+ Unlimited Items
+ Little Queries
+ Stock
+ Detailed items/categories/shops stats(number of sold items, Stock)
+ Item Donation
+ Postbit Inventory and cash display
+ Users sort items using AJAX
+ Users may own multiple items of the same type
+ Admin limits viewable icons in postbit
+ Recipiant and admin notification on buy/sell/donate
+ Points in postbit
+ Points in profile page
+ Donation logs
+ Admin donation logs
+ Easy admin donate
+ Points on registration
+ Points for referrers
+ Customizable point name
+ Customizable file name
+ Donation comments
+ Dynamic decimal system
+ Points per topic creation
+ Points per post
+ Points per character
+ Mass point giving via ACP
+ Set customizable point values per forum
+ Points may be taken away on post deletion
+ Automatic navbar, memberinfo, and postbit template edits


Step 1) Upload all of the files and folders located in the 'upload' folder to your forum root folder, that you will download in the pack below.

Step 2) Import the two ('product-cash.xml' and 'product-shop.xml') XML files, into the AdminCP plugin manager. One at a time.

Step 3) Preform the following template edits;

In The 'Navbar' Template, Find:
<td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="calendar.php$session[sessionurl_q]">$vbphrase[calendar]</a></td>

After It, Add:
<td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="shop.php$session[sessionurl_q]">Shop</a></td>

In The 'Postbit' Template, Find:
<div>$post[icqicon] $post[aimicon] $post[msnicon] $post[yahooicon] $post[skypeicon]</div>

After It, Add:
<fieldset><legend><a href="ishop.php?do=ViewMember&id=$post[userid]" title="$post[username]'s Inventory">$post[username]s Inventory</a></legend>
<!-- /show inventory -->

<!-- show inventory -->

Step 4) Editing some files in the AdminCP is a must to make the cash and shop system working. You must set a money row and everything. To do this, go into your vBulletin settings, and go into the pages called 'cash' and then later do 'shop'. Edit the fields to your needs.

Trasion is the official support forum for this modification, but it is currently down. It will come back up shortly.

The second version will contain many more updates as in, buying different name colors, different ranks, different user groups, etc...


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Can't seem to get the Shop to work out, even if it's enabled in the AdminCP. Screenshots of where in the code to put this stuff would be actually helpful...


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need help please..
i have problem about inventory couse the item does't show up on postbit..
i have follow all the intruction..
but stil not show up even on defaut style,
i use v3.8.1
thanks before


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Your postbit code has an error in it.

It should be:
<fieldset><legend><a href="shop.php?do=ViewMember&id=$post[userid]" title="$post[username]'s Inventory">$post[username]s Inventory</a></legend>
<!-- /show inventory -->

Sorry if this is an epic gravedig also.


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its working but the Shop Link isnt working at all. its always showing 404 error. Can anyone tell me how to fix it. I urgantly need it fix..