Stop the Registration Bots


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Stop the Registration Bots - Forum

Version: 3.7.1

This mod will check the the time it takes for a vBulletin registration form to be submitted. If the form is submitted faster then humanly possible, the registration will be denied and the admin contact will be emailed about the event.

We will start the registration on the forum rules page in two ways. First we will add a custom hidden field with a hash. Second we will insert a randomly named hidden field with a random value. This should make it a bit difficult to program a bot since the field names on all sites will be different as well as the values.

We will use a second set of random hidden fields on the form page as well to add to the confusion.

Time stamps to check the time spent on registration submission are stored in a DB table and private.

A registration will have to come through the Rules page and the form. Every Site will be different.

Installation is very easy.

There are two templates to edit.
One database table is added.
Three hooks are utilized.
Includes uninstall code.
Adds to vBulletin options.
Set time frame option.
Includes Phrases.
Sends Mail to Admin.
No files to upload.
XML product install.
Instructions attached in zip.

Demo usage and view source at vBulletin and Computer Help Forum

Changed input user name on rules form to random named hidden field with hash value.
Removed \n chars from email phrases.
All changes to registration are transparent to the folks registering.
Renamed DB username field to hash.
New hook on register_signup.
Added new Pre Reg Name hidden field to register form edits and ACP.
Added code to deal transparently with user deciding to change name after pre submitting it.
Fixed typo, changed 36000 to 3600 in product file.
Original Release.


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Man this is good hack for me.
I was frustated with bots registration and there spam posts.

Lets see how it works.


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bots, I wish they were alive so can cut them with saw, knife on the most brutal way etc etc. Pisses me off


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thx ima use this !
also can u change the time say like
if a person - bot registers in 5 seconds it denies it can i make it deny it in 10 seconds?
u know