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I have banned him for the folowing reasons:
  • I believe him to be "mrpeanut" who I banned for 1 week due to rule breaking. (now extended to 1 month)
  • His name and sig is blatent hosting adverting which is not allowed here "in any form".
  • I recieved a complaint from a respected contributer member via pm stating his posts are just stupid or not really relevent to the main thread starter ie: posting just to spam his sig. I checked them out and it was true so they have also been removed. was however a donater so a complaint may be on its way, if mrpeanut can prove he was I will leave it upto .v0id to transfer "donaters" status over but feel it should not be done even if it means rembursing the donation...

Final thought:
Having links to your site in sigs is fine but not when its a hosting site, rules are rules and are to be abided by not to be broken...:)


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Donators have to follow the same rules as normal users, and it is mrpeanut, because he admitted it himself.