Mass email auth to users awaiting emai confimation?


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I had an issue with email server, so many users registed but never got their email. About 200 users :(

So i need to re-send them the autentication email.
But i can't find how to do that all at once. One by one is gona take ages.


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Try this

* Log into ACP
* Click on "Users"
* Click on "Send Email to Users"
* Than type your "Subject" and your "Message."in your massage make sure you add $activatelink as this will give them the URL to follow to activate their account.
* Under "Primary Usergroup" make sure only "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation" is the only one check mark.
* Scroll down and click on "Send" and it'll send an e-mail to "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation" only unless you have check mark on other catagory.

example below


Our records indicate that you have not activated your membership yet. You must activate your membership before you can post on the board. We apologize if you have not received it and have dispactched this e-mail to make sure you receive the confirmation e-mail.

Please use your activation id: $activateid

At the following link:

Thank you,


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Thanks a lot Daz ! Hoper other people can get in to the spirit of helping each other for free like we do.
Aha! I was looking for this for agesssss. Didn't thought was so easy.
Strange thing is that i have more then 200 users, but only 175 appear on the list as users who received.
Any idea why that?