Iphorum by Extremepixels


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For the first time ever ( and most likely the only time ;) ) I have released a FREE eXtremepixels skin.

The skin is called iPhorum and a large screenshot can be viewed here.

This skin was created to be used on my iPhone. Since I have no intentions of selling this design commercially I decided to share this with everyone.

The skin is for vBulletin only and is a fairly simple design with the iPhone and mobile devices set as the primary target audience.

However the skin will fully function as a stand alone option for your forum and work in all major browsers. You don’t need an iPhone or mobile device to use it :)

Included in the iPhorum Skin.zip are full installation instructions and the Photoshop file used to create the skin. You will need the 04b_08 font. Here is a link to that font in case you don't have it.