Integrating Rabid Ratings v1.4.2 on vbulletin

Itsuki Minami

New Member
ok i'm making a site with video directory actually you can rate videos and well is great i know, but i want the script to let users rate categories and also then rank the category based on the ratings of the users i got this script for the ratings but i don't know how to put it on vbulletin i have tried some things xD but i'm still stucked xD as always i hope someone really answer my question xD or help me with some clues on how to do it, here's the link for the script:


xD the next question will be how to make the ranking query and also how to make the script allow only users to rate the categories...and also that users can only vote once... xD I have tried many many things and well is getting to my nerves xD please only this time help me (actually none of my question of this type have been answered xD not even'm a little disappointed xD i know somepeople have the skill to make this possible)