i want to leech a phpbb forum to VB


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i cannot find a proper leech bot anywhere.

i need to leech a phpbb forum over to my VB forum.

anyone know of a program?

cheers in advance


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google: sharpleech

this is what it does:

Leeches from PornBB, Warez-BB, WarezScene and BayW
Posts to any vBulletin 3.x, IP.Board 2.x and phpBB 2.x/3.x forum
Support for adding tags around coded content
Support for removing WBB link check info and [mod] tags
Support for deleting all [size] tags
Monitor the current thread being leeched
Build-in internet radio
Auto saves your settings

Changes / Fixes:
- Added WarezScene leeching support
- Added BayW leeching support
- Added auto-save for the settings, login, url's, ...
- Added 2 radio stations
- Fixed support for 'fancy' usernames/passwords
- Fixed pause, it now does actually pause
- Fixed newline char bug in the thread content textbox
- Fixed bug where some WBB Link check info would not get removed
- #Leech now shows you it is pausing in the status bar
- Some other stuff i forgot ^^

SharpLeech requires the .NET 3.5 Framework to run.
If it crashes when you start it it means you don't have it installed.
I included the .NET installer in the .rar so just install it and it will work.


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you have been given the best leecher and it leeches from the best forums

this thread should now be closed imo