header for guests other than reg user?


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If You Mean. A Notice For Guests Only. Then Follow these easy steps my friend.
gGo To Admincp->Notices->Add New Notice->
Set The Name And Info. etc.
and where it says.
Display this notice if...
(Right Below Name And Notice Info.)
See where it says.
User belongs to usergroup?
Tick the Box. And In That Drop Down menu set it to Unregistered/Not Signed In
Make Sure Its The Only Box Ticked On.
And It Should be set.
NOTE: YOU CANT SEE IT Unless Your Logged Out Of Course.
You can simply copy your main style, edit the header to your needs and assign the copy to the guest member group as default.

Voila, your guests have now another header than your registered users!

I hope this is the answer you searched for.