Database error


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this error just popped up. i wasnt changing anything at the time. just a random crash

Database error in vBulletin :

mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
/home/content/t/r/a/gggggg/html/Forum/includes/class_core.php on line 311

MySQL Error   : 
Error Number  : 
Request Date  : Saturday, July 11th 2009 @ 08:08:34 AM
Error Date    : Saturday, July 11th 2009 @ 08:08:34 AM
Script        :
Referrer      : 
IP Address    : ggggggggg
Username      : 
Classname     : vB_Database
MySQL Version : 



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Unless it keeps happening, just consider it a fluke. Site and database temporarily lost connection with each other. Happens a lot if you're on shared hosting.