Cyb - Advanced Registration


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This product adds several advanced options to control new registrations, like:

'Random Questions' - User must answer random question to continue with the registration (can be on/off)
Invitations System' - Let users invite their friends to join community
You can choose to accept only invited people to register
moderated users' management (accept/edit/contact/delete)
e-mail users automatically when their accounts are accepted (can be on/off)
non-activated users' management (accept/edit/contact/delete)
Option to delete inactive accounts automatically if not confirmed X days after registration

All these features are controlled from one single page.

Don't forget to check/update product options after installation
Only Admins can access this product options/logs
Inviter is automatically marked as referral when invited user registers using invitation code

1. Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

To set options:
Go to: AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Cyb - Advanced Registration

v1.0 - Nov 29. 2008.
Initial Version

v1.1 - Dec 08. 2008.
New: Option to delete inactive accounts automatically after X days
New: You can choose to e-mail users automatically when their accounts are accepted
New: Enable only invited users to join
Some minor bugs fixed

v1.2 - Dec 13. 2008.
Fixed bug (Invitation e-mail address must be lower-case)
Fixed bug (Random Question answer must be lower-case)
Fixed bug (Unregistered users able to send Invitations)
New: Limit number of Invitations user can send in 7 days
Minor bug fixes in phrases and html

v1.3 - Dec 24. 2008.

Improved detection of newly registered members who accepted invitations
Fixed bug (referrer not marked if invitation code is not required)

v1.4 - Jan 02. 2009.
Break lists into pages with standard vB navigation
Code cleanup

v1.5 - Jan 25. 2009.
-Fixed bug (user can register without proper invitation code)
-New: Send multiple invitations at once
-New option: Maximum Invitations user can send at once
-New: Inviters are now able to add they real name to the message
-Minor bug fixes


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hey for some reason i can only use invite friends on my default style can you tell me why and what i need to do to fix this problem?
my urls is.


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I don't get the "invite" in my navbar. How can I fix this? Or maybe there is a way to put this button somewhere else? Any help appreciated.

3.7.3 pl1



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This seems to be exactly what I need, but- When logged in, I can't see anywhere to send an invitation.

Where should this be done from?