Chelsea win twice but does that mean the

In the past weve never given up, Terry told Sky Sports after the match. Manchester United are playing well at the moment and getting the right results, maybe getting Dana Barros Jersey a bit of luck too. But things can change and if we can win both games against them well be right back in it.John Terry, adamant as ever, defiantly claiming Chelsea are back in the title race.Chelseas impre sive win over Bolton last night was the sort of performance thast we have not seen from Chelsea since October. Chelsea scored 4 goals, taking apart the Wanderers at will and sweeping away Boltons fantastic home record this season, and looking like the side that we saw waltz to the title last year.As a result Chelsea have broken back into the top 4, 7 points from the unbeaten Man Utd, with a game in hand, with 2 games against United still to come this season, thanks to the somewhat unece sary inclusion of snow in todays Clarence Weatherspoon Jersey beautiful game.However Fergusons men sit with 2 games in hand, one of which will be against Ancelotti and Chelsea , so in theory, United could lose both games, Chelsea could win their game in hand, beat United twice and suddenly could have reaffirmed their title challenge and could even have a slender lead over Fergusons men.But isreally that likely? Remember that Man Utd have not lost at all this year. Not once. One of the Justin Anderson Jersey games in hand are against Blackpool, who despite all of the Giant Killer statuses thathave been applied to the Tangerines, this is still the side that lost 6-o to Arsenal, and I for one, Charles Barkley Jersey would not imagine that United would slip upin this tie. So that would add another 3 points onto their lead, which would mean that 10 poins would lie between Chelsea and a astonishing comeback, meaning that not only would Chelsea have to beat their rivals home and away, but rely on United losing a third time before Chelsea(who would have to win that extra game as well) get a point behind Man United.And theres the small matter of Man City, who Chelsea are yet to play at home, which Julius Erving Jersey is a must win game, and Arsenal, who lie second, and have already played Chelsea twice this season, and thereforeChelsea would have to rely on the Gunners losing a couple as well.It is mathematically po sible for Cheslea, but this year, that might be all it is.