[3.8.2] XTrato XD-GamersV2 [Rip by GhostKilla]


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Only for vBTeam !

XTrato XD-GamersV2

-> If you like this rip click thanks ;)



I have recreate a blank footer (no ads from famousgfx and rectification of errors), a right header (for no login member, by default on famousgfx it's the picture from the yellow version of XD-Gamers)

I'm sorry, impossible to provide a blank header, the site name is incrust on the background in the swf :(

-> i've added pictures user_"online" "offline" "invible" and post_"new" and "old", the poll bar are same of vbimageworks, in black matted

Enjoy ;)

(and sorry for my bad english :p)

-> in zip archive -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EK7PC540

-- KillaStaff aka GhostKilla --


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KillaStaff said:
Works fine for me, i add picture in few day

Flash works with javascript, are you sure your "navigator" (firefox or other) accept the javascript ?

it seems they are missing... How can I replace them ?


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Ok. I got it !!!!

Make sure you guys rename the folder in >> XD-GamersV2/main/flash to >> XD-GamersV2/main/Flash

change 'f' to 'F'...