World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King [3.7.x]


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What's Provided:
The theme backgrounds and CSS stylings are provided, along with the buildfiles. I have also provided dark matte vb original icons, and modified buttons that fit the theme. All of these are provided in a quick access folder that resides under the images directory so that there is no mixup with your other styles.

Very simple installation:
  1. Upload all the folders and their contents within the "Upload" directory to your forums directory keeping the tree intact.
  2. Login to your AdminCP and upload a new style and import the Wrath-style.xml from the archive.
  3. Load your forums and change the style to "Wrath".

Misc. Information:
This style is compatible with VbAdvanced CMPS, see attached images.

I would suggest that if you have made any template changes in another style that you want to keep to make this style a child of the style with the template changes.

I have tested this on 3 boards, however you use this style at your own risk. Support is will not be given as I simply do not have the time anymore, I am releasing this to the community at large because I feel there might be a want for it prior to Wrath of the Lich King Releasing.

This style was designed for a screen resolution of 1024x768 or better, and is only compatible with CSS 2.0 compliant browsers such as Firefox 3 or IE 7. I recommend using Firefox personally. This style will not render properly (the two arthas images and the page footer (the ice block) will not show up at all) if using an older browser, but it will not break the forums for those users that are behind the standards in the tests I have done thus far.

If you find a problem with the style where it will not validate, I will do my best to fix and update, but that's as far as my support of this style goes as it validates for XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.1 on my boards and again, I simply don't have the time to dedicate to full support of the style for everyone.

As folks requested PSD format for the build files I have included both PNG and PSD format files for those that want them. When exporting to the final format make sure to export as a PNG and keep the same file names. I have split the archives so that you only download what you want.

Download Links:
The style: -- 4.22Mb
Image Templates in PNG: -- 9.32Mb
Image Templates in PSD: -- 11.3Mb


Attached to this post.

Demo of style in use:


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Im new to Forums and i dont know how to Install it, I Went to Admin Panel and clicked "Upload" and chosed Wrath.xml any Suggestions?


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Yes lilTimmy, you first have to upload all your images to your server in the appropiate area then install the xml and it should work then.


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Anyone got links for this, also anyone got an updated version for 3.8.x? (If not, how easy would it be to mod?)