What are the differences between web design and graphic design and which career shoul


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I am currently a junior in high school (also taking classes at the local college to get ahead) and want to have a career in some sort of computer based designing, but I can't choose. The two I'm mainly considering are web design and graphic design. I personally would prefer being in graphic design, but I hear that the income isn't that great, and I'm not that creative or decisive, so I'm leaning towards web design. I'm just not that sure, though.

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differences between web design and graphic desigh

Web design- designing web pages and graphic designing is design the graphical interfaces for web pages.


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The main difference between graphic designers and web designers is the medium. Individuals in the Graphic Design field often have more freedom because they are not restricted by programming, resolution or speed. Web Design professionals have to balance good design with speed and efficiency for the web. There are some professionals out there that can do both of these positions as one, but it is rare that they are masterful since they tend to have more strengths in one or the other.


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In this time and age there is a commonality between the two. but I'd recommend going with graphics design
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For me graphic designing is a bigger field and you can earn more in graphic designing compare to web designing.