[REQ] Pinkfox


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I request someone to make me a "PinkFox" using #FF0055 as the base pink...

Thank you in advance...:D
I've actually TRIED to start making one using #FE00F8 :D

Not being Very good in photoshop.. I can't promise it'l be great. But I'll post it when I'm done and you can make your own decision.


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lol i did starting on wide :p but when i finish it will take me like 30 secs to change into thin. Im nearly done, host just went down - soo im stuck
I've not had time as yet to finish mine.
Will post it soon as I can though.

I've added something to it too, to make it a little different from Bluefox (Nothing major) :)


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alright,ill work on this.should be done in 2 days.

heres what i got so far.

here ya go.just finished it. Pinkfox 3.8.x