Please help with Forum Posting Sites


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Hi All,

I want High PR Forum Posting website list with approved signature option. Please provide me the list. I work with all Webmaster sites who approved signatures and posting.


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There are many business that can be easily done in the market and also some of them are online business where all the transactions of business done at there.Forum posting is one of the most popular technique of SEO which is very effective.


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hey... now that is required own practice.. use google & find out singnature forum site list...

you will get thousands forums... but you need to identified that which is better for you.. sometimes proper anchor text is not required...

all the best :)


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It is not easy to get them by asking people online, you have to search them in Google or other search engines, or better still, use a software such as scrape box to search for them.


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You can simply find through a small search in Google, I recommend you to take your competitor's URL and find his backlinks and get good forums from their backlinks.


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It is not good to post forums list in forum posts, to avoid people abusing them. Better search them online then carefully select the best according to your niche.


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The best way to find the Forum Posting Sites is search in Google. Well, as per the recent guidelines by Google Webmaster Forum postings are not good for the optimization of any site.


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