php radio button value calculation


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I'm beginning php and stuck/ confused by this seemingly simple process.I have a radio button list with different values that I want to calculate in a simple equation.I want to add the value with a number that is determined by the number of selected checkboxes then output this as a price. eg. if radio 1 is selected its value is $140, there are also 4 boxes ticked each worth $10, how can I output the value total of $180? here is my html code for the radio\[code\]<input type="radio" name="math" id="standard" value=""><label for="youth">mid range value</label><input type="radio" name="math" id="extra" value=""><label for="youth">extra cost</label>\[/code\]and some of the checkboxes\[code\]<input type="checkbox" name="more[]" id="a"value=""> <label for="val1">box a</label><br><input type="checkbox" name="more[]"id="b"value=""> <label for="val">box b</label><br>\[/code\]how can I add the values which is dependant on the number of selected checkboxes?any help, or pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated :)