passiveVid - (YouTube, Myspace, Google...) Not BBCODE :D v1.1.0


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This is unlike my past video mod which used bbcode, this one is more simple and works much better for the user too. What it does it parses the url when the post is viewed, so it will work with past links and new links.

So basically the user enters a video link in a post and its automaticly displayed as the actual embedded video.

Works With:

vBulletin 3.6.X
vBlog 1.0.2
vbAdvanced 3.0

Supported Video Sites:
YouTube v1.0.0
Google Video v1.0.0
MySpace Video v1.0.0
MetaCafe Video v1.0.0
Yahoo Video v1.0.1
Koreus Video v1.0.1
Sapo Video v1.0.1 v1.0.2
Live Leak v1.0.2
Photobucket v1.0.3
Gametrailers v1.0.3
MyVideo v1.0.4
GameSpot v1.0.4
Veoh v1.0.4
StreetFire v1.0.4
Stage6 v1.0.4
Sevenload v1.0.4
Izlesene v1.0.4
Vidiac v1.0.4
Xtube v1.0.6
VidMax v1.0.6
RedTube v1.0.6
OnSmash v1.0.6
GodTube v1.0.6
PornoTube v1.0.6
BrightCove v1.0.7
YouKu v1.0.7
LiveVideo v1.0.7
Break v1.0.8

[v1.0.5] Added the ability to enable/disable any of the sites
[v1.0.7] Changed the actual structure of the modification, it now gives me the ability to push it even further
[v1.0.8] Added support for actually displaying the video titles

[v1.0.8] Added the ability to customize the actual embed, you can choose where/how the title and embed will be displayed by using HTML
[v1.0.9] Support for vBlog
[v1.0.9] Support for vbAdvanced
[v1.1.0] Finalized multiple things

Installation Instructions:
Install Product XML
Upload Bitfield XML
Enjoy the modification

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nice hack this.

but could someone help me with the following:

'Preview post' with embedded video breaks my theme

you see in my theme this hack works good, videos display nicely in the threads, replies are fine... except if you reply and preview your reply which contains an embedded video - my theme freaks out (doesn't freak out if there is no embedded video in the preview).


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This does not work for me.

I have vbanonymizer and the hack that when you type an url, it will display the title of the page and not the actual flat link. So yea sucks.


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I use a nulled VB 3.6.8 and i get some sort of weird error when i import the product

"No file uploaded and no local file found."

What can be wrong, can someone help me here. Thanks.