new style for Kia car forum


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hi all,

i am going to build a new forum for a Kia site (owners discussion forum) i want to use a portal (vbportal or vbadvanced, any hints?)
i want to know which template you should think that fits the needs of a nice looking fresh Kia forum? the template should also be used for the portal system that i want to build around it.
does anyone know maybe someone that also does templating for vbulletin?
i once visited a site with free vbtemplates where the owner also advertised with the possibility of modifying a template on demand (paid service)
all the help is welcome!
i am going to use an official license for the forum.
then, anyone knows if i should use VBgarage (allthough it has not been updated for a while) or just use photoplog or so? people like to write something when they upload pictures to the forum so that feature must be there :)

a lot of questions and i hope that you like to help me a little bit on this!




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I can tell something about the style. I built a similar forum to another
cars maker. To get an idea, I chose a theme with colors can identify this
brand. For example, Nissan (red), Lamborghini (Yellow / Black).
You might need a few tweak to do in the CSS, but choose a "basis" design in order to expand and retouch in your own taste

As portal vbadvance if for me the best choose, free and easy to install.

I used vbGarage even customize it, the disadvantage is that it saves the
images in the database. You should be careful because it occupies much space
on the database and is quite useless. Best for this, vbgallery.

I hope I help you!


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thanks for the answer,

i think i choose red carbon template, it has exactly the same color red as the kia logo has, and also the template is ready for vbadvanced so i think that might be the right combination.

i saw also that someone on is developing a new vbgarage mod, i hope it will come out soon!
i do have an official license now so i can reach that stuff and topics too!


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The current look of the kira car forum is good and I like it. The page rank of your car forum is 1 and this is really good.