My best marketing method. It may work for you.


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Real Story: When Market Samurai came out, I bought it right away. I knew it would be a great product to sell because it would solve so many problems for people. (It's a keyword research software program). After playing with the software for a few days I realized that anybody who bought it would need to be trained on how to use it. So, I created a video series on how to use Market Samurai. At first, I used the videos as a bonus to anyone who bought the product from me. That increased sales a ton. And my customers were very thankful that I took the extra step. But then, I decided to take it even a step further and offer the video course for free BEFORE anyone bought the product or had ever heard of it. On the videos I compared how hard it was to do keyword research without Market Samurai vs. how easy it was with. Attached to each video was my market samurai affiliate code and the rest was history. After watching the videos, people just HAD to buy the software. (Of course at a time most people opted for the demo version) but, I got many people to sign up for my list for the videos and then eventually buy Market Samurai from me. I have used this strategy on many products. The Lesson: If you are selling something, buy it first. Have videos of you using the product and showing the amazing benefits. It's kind of like an info-mercial and tutorial combined into one. You will be amazed by how much your sales increase. Don't be funny: I know if you are selling something like books, you are not going to take videos of you reading. I hope this has helped somebody I use this method often , it works great just to give somebody help with certain software if they but from your link., they are happy and you ! NIce idea! I have recently bought Market Sanurai, and agree that it does take some working out, a set of video tutorials would be very appealling. Have to look thru other packages and see what can be done! Thanks again, TonyB Yep. I give a free piano lesson and 342 page book away for free at my website. Surprisingly about half order without ever taking the lesson. Probably because I have a very strong offer that drives sales all on it's own. It's called *sellucation*. Where you *SELL* by offering real, helpful adviceprior to any purchase. Educating BEFORE the sale. You're right. It DOES work like a charm. But thereIS one catch... it's more *work*. The 4-letter word MOST people HATE to hear. It took time and EFFORT to put those videos to-gether the way you did. It took some planning. It's *easier* to say "buy this". It's tempting. Butit's a tougher road to walk on. Because... Although it gives short-term relief, if that path isriddled with mine bombs, you'll blow yourself upBEFORE you reach your destination -- even if it is only a few blocks up the street. Anyway, that was a great reminder. It works. Absolutely works great I have seen many folks use this approach, highly appreciate your share. Hey WW, Do you have any links so I or,, we,, can check out what you did? I wanna know did you use a software type screen shot (like camtasia) or a video camera or what? Bonuses are a great way to get the cosumer to buy from you. Even if you give them a sneak preview, im sure they will want to use the program because they have seen the capabilities in action. Good method Yep. I'd rather see the videos before making a decision on purchasing .... good method. Thanks for sharing Wonderful Warrior and btw nice profile pic Hi: Shireen here :) Great one. thank you very much! Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely apply this method someday.


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Doing proper marketing is so important for every business. With out proper marketing you can not grow up your business or promote your brand in the market. Always choose the best marketing method to advertising your business.