Most Favorite Movie


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Hello everyone,
I wanted to know everyone's most favorite movie of all time and you should tell us that why is it your favorite and when and with whom you had watched it.


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My favorite movie is Titanic. Forever I love this movie very much. It’s great romance movie. Jack and rose are unforgettable movie character for me.


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My favorite one is Cast away because the movie means to say a lot about what isolation is really meant.


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Well my favourite movie of all time is “The Dark Knight”. Batman and his war on crime are very effective.


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My favorite is “ A walk to remember” as always. But recently I watched a movie from the same author of a walk to remember, dear John, notebook and other amazing movies. The name is “Safe haven”. I think it will be the greatest love story of the year.


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Always my favorite movie has been A walk to remember. Generally I like to watch romantic movie. This is topped romance movie when I watch.