Image for every forum, help requierd


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I wanted to make a single different photo 4 each forum individual so I just went to my skin "forumhome_forumbit_level2_post" tamplate, and at the beginning i replaced

<td class="alt2"><img src="$stylevar[imgdir_statusicon]/$forum[imageprefix]forum_$forum[statusicon].gif" alt="" border="0" id="forum_statusicon_$forum[forumid]" /></td>

with this

<td class="alt2"><img src="danstyle/$forum[forumid].jpg" alt="" width="60" height="60"></td>

and now, as i wanted, i just made a folder named "danstyle" (like it says in the code i put there) with the images and put it in the main forum directory and I have this:


as you can see, everythings working fine. the only problem is now that when people are coming they can't tell if a specific forum has a new massages in it (before i could know because there were two simple images, one meant new massages and the other meant no new msgs)

is there's a way i can make photos look like grayish or some other way from it's original look when there's no new massages and original look when there new msgs?

thanks a bunch! :D