i want to set up an online shop. help with paypal integration?


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I have a VERY basic level of understanding when it comes to website authoring, and i have a few pages set up already in dreamcaster as a guide. however, i am finding it hard to get my head around the whole shopping cart thing.<br />
<br />
I sell customised clothes for boutiques and do some stuff on ebay and want a place to;<br />
<br />
a. show my portfolio to shop owners rather than sending them a million and one links<br />
b. to make a few sales to real life customers who don't use ebay.<br />
<br />
i already have a domain name and basic hosting from one.com. i basically just want to know the simplest way to integrate a shopping cart for customers to use paypal.<br />
<br />
I am trying to stay away from estores, but would they be easier?<br />
<br />
Thanks for all your answers!<br />
I use paypal already, and have had problems with them doing chargebacks and doing unathorised direct debits. However, i have a new account and it's the easiest method of online payment. I dont mind not using it, but really want to sort out the cart feature without having to do every page from scratch.<br />


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I got burned really bad by Paypal, they stole all of my money and the attorney General in California is still trying to get it back.
It has been over 2 years now.
Be sure to look at this site before you give out your bank info, or try to download money into their account.


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If you are going to sell a few products and the products will not need updating you can add paypal buttons/cart to the product pages which you have already set up.

A proper alternative is to get a shopping cart store such as the free open source oscommerce at http//www.oscommerce.com/solutions if necessary you can add it next to your current web pages.

The creloaded shopping cart is flexible, more reliable and has even more features; you can use it to display your ebay items if you want (addon needed). For each item you are selling you can set its attributes in the admin area such as size M,L,XL and mens/women, etc. You can find information on choosing the right ecommerce store at http//www.instantbooks.info/pages.php?CDpath=15_16

Additional details both solutions support paypal, several credit card providers, cash on delivery, postal order/cheque, and more. To keep your web pages either install the cart to a folder next to your current web pages, or get the oscommerce Simple Template System (STS) and add placehoders to your current HTML pages. You can download it here http//www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1524

There are more than 400 ecommerce solutions in the market. Creloaded and oscommerce are affordable, reliable, udergoing continuous development and each has a forum; helpful when you need assistance.

Email me or post again if you need more information.


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the easiest way is when you send them to paypal to do the paying then you do not have much technical on your server