I Need This Hack From vB.org

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Instructions for installation:
A. Create your custom profile field and make a note of the field number. (Or simply make a note of the field number of an existing field.)

B. Make a note of the value you are checking for. For example, you may be looking to see if your member selected "male" in your custom gender field.

C. Make a note of the usergroup number that you want to set the user to.

D. Here you have two options:
Option 1: Edit the attached XML file before you import it to change the field number, the value that you check for and the usergroupid. In my XML file, I am checking field5 to see if the value is yes and changing the usergroup to 10.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

	<plugin active="1" product="vbulletin">
		<title>Put User In User Group Based on Field Value</title>
		<phpcode><![CDATA[// Get the value for field 5
        $user = $db->query_first("
			SELECT field5
			FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "userfield
			WHERE userid = " . $vbulletin->userinfo['userid'] . "

		if ($user['field5'] == 'yes')
			$userdata->set('usergroupid', 10);

If, for example, you want to check the value of field6, change field5 in the XML file to field6. If you are looking for "male" instead of "yes", change

if ($user['field5'] == 'yes')


if ($user['field5'] == 'male')

And, finally, change the usergroup as appropriate. Instead of 10 in this line:

$userdata->set('usergroupid', 10);

substiture your usergroupid of choice.

Option 2: Import the XML file as is, open the plugin manager, and make your edits there.