how do i change my ip address?


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well i got banned from a samp server and it was my favorite and i wanted to know how to change my ip i have windows vista <br />


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there is no way to actually change your IP address, there are websites that can make it appear different on some servers. But you IP adress remains the same until it changes internet connection. So if you have a nother internet connection use it otherwise there is no real way to change it


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easy, unplug power from back of modem for 10 second the plug in. wait for lights to come on an there you go.


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There are two types of ip address we are using
1)Static ip address
2)dyamic ip address
If you have dynamic IP, then change your IP address by following the steps:-

step 1: Go to Start->Run->Cmd->Press Enter..
Type in "ipconfig/release" for Current IP address and then type "ipconfig/renew" for New IP address.

step 2: Either follow step 1 or Simply restart or unplug your modem/router .

Doing either step 1 or 2 will change your Dynamic IP address. Visit to check your IP address is changed or not.