HELP!! I cant think of a new domain name for a new website?


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Ok, so I need to make a website to advertise all of the things that I sell. But I sell a big variety of things. Its a hobby. Everything from turning old furniture into beautiful art, to fully designing my own things. So I have art, Furniture, homemade jewelry, beaded and decorative bra straps, I do bake sales for the local shelters......a little bit of everything. So PLEEEEEEASE HELP!!!<br />
I understand your frustration. I would say that you should be very simple about your product because it can be confusing. I think your name should be based around you and some substance that only you have. because there are others who do the same thing. but they don't have the same substance. This might be a more difficult task.

If this where me

I love going out. I love UFC. I love going to the gym. I love you tube. I guess I would say I am a very social person. So I might use something like "" (maybe) or "" (again maybe).

I hope you can see where I am going. Not everything is in a name. If you think about it, a name is only one piece of your biz. Your name should be easy to remember and easy to pass one.

Think about starbucks. Do you think that they got popular because of there name. NO. What the heck is a starbuck???

They got popular because of the unique experience they offered.

There name is easy to say, remember, and pass on.

With those thoughts in mind feel free to not base your domain name around your product and offer a great service.


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You should check out it's a great site, which allows you to put in keywords and see available URLs.

You could also hire a copywriter, who can help you find a good name for your company.

Someone mentioned Starbucks in their answer, however, it's important to realize that Starbucks has spent a fortune on branding their name and presenting themselves to the general population. Your name should be descriptive of what you do.


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How about,




subject to domain's availability.

Good Luck.


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It is very difficult to optimize a site for everything. You should think about what you really want to focus on and try and go after a niche market. Fully optimize your home page for this and optimize additional pages for specific categories of products or services. Also, contrary to popular belief, keyword URL's do not carry the same weight they once did, so don't worry if you can't find the one you really want. On the other hand, ALITTLEBITOFEVERYTHING.US is available and I think that would be a good match for you.


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