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Do any of you use some google monitoring services. I wonder if there is a site where you could set-up sites and links and check page-rank, page/position for specific keywords, siteslinking to you/competition etc.Do any of you use such services? have some links?Hi gkboomus,I used to occasionally use a program called "1-click rankings", so you could Google that, although I think now the software is either not freely available, or part of a bigger package.For instant gratification, you could check out that will only let you check one keyword at a time.Bear in mind that Googles terms of use limits the number of search queries you can do a day, but if you're doing less than a 100 keyword checks then it shouldn't be a problem, I think.I use the Google Toolbar for page rank and backlinks. There used to be a site called Google Rankings that was mentioned in an earlier post that would allow you to enter a keyword/phrase and would tell you where you stood in the results, but it appears to be down at the moment.I recently started using a freeware tool called Free Monitor for Google that does much of the same thing from a little application. It has two modes. One that allows you to enter a single url and keyword/phrase, and one that allows you to create a list of urls/keywords. You can then check each url against the list of keywords. I'm pretty sure it's a windows-only application. I'm using it on win98 se, and I haven't had any problems since installing it, but as with any freebie download it at your own risk.A very handy program that I use is from http://www.digitalpoint.comYou have to get a special personal key at, need to register on and then you can start checking words, rankings, etc...A must for every webmaster I know this is kinda SF but I would like a tool that would help me beat my competition. So I would like for example to add 2/more sites and see some kind of comparison that would help me get ahead of them. sample functions:- domain page rank (for home page)- best page rank page (might be different than home page)- keywords rankings- backward links (how many) also 'what backward links competition has and I do not)- etcall these displayed in some comparison tables and alsoif possible to have some alerts (when competitor page rank is xxx,when competitor keyword rank for yyy is higher than mine etc)I don't know if this exists. I am a programmer and I think I could try to do this if I know it would make the money, maybe there is something similar. in case I do this, would any of you buy something like this?Well, if you are looking for comparisons between other competitors I suggest to try the -one...Use this site http://www.GoogleRanking.comHave to say I'd go for digitalpoint rather than the online ranking reports. Programs that access Google's API can do 1000 searches a day for keyword placements, compared to the one-at-a-time you can do at, I actually got knocked down from search position by using Webposition Gold so don't risk it!! Google rules say don't use this tool.THey don't like their resources being used in that way.Page Rank, position, etc.....I was in the top 10 for a year till I tried that stupid software Hi . After reading your message about WebPostiion Gold, I remembered that I used that Program right before my Angelfire site disappeared.I used it for my Angelfire url , but not my domain name. I wanted to try it out on just one first. Thank goodness I didn't use it on my domain name.Well, I was puzzled why after ranking well for years with my Angelfire page that I was suddenly dropped completely. Puzzle solved. Thank you.