Free Offshore Hosting and Free Domain


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All plans have cPanel!

Normal Hosting

LOTN Baby:
100MB Webspace
750MB Bandwidth
Shared IP address
2x Features
Cost: Free!

LOTN Webbie:
1000MB Webspace
7500MB Bandwidth
Shared IP address
10x Features
Cost:55 LOTN Points

Offshore Hosting

500MB Webspace
800MB Bandwidth
Shared IP Address
2x Features
Costs: 30 LOTN Points

LOTN OF-3000
3GB Webspace
8GB Bandwidth
Shared IP address
5x Features
Costs: 120 LOTN Points

Domains: = 50 LOTN Points = 50 LOTN Points = 50 LOTN Points

.info = 100 LOTN Points
.net = 500 LOTN Points
.com = 500 LOTN Points
.biz = 500 LOTN Points
.us = 500 LOTN Points
.org = 500 LOTN Points
.mobi = 800 LOTN Points
.ws = 1300 LOTN Points

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LOTN = LostOnTheNet I take it, like a Post 2 Host system from what I can tell but you earn points or LOTN's in this case.


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open 1 thread = 2 LOTN
1 Post = 1 LOTN

1 Referal = 20 LOTN

i am using this host
is very much good and never will down
up time is +99%