First Page On Google Is Not That Hard!


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I see alot of people here posting about linking and page rank and getting links from high pr pages. Honestly it doesn't seem to matter to me. I got first page on google for two of my websites and it took me about 30 days.Very simply I submitted my sites to all the directories I could find. I used Flight search engine submission service, I am not really sure which submission service is best but I use Flight.And I started 2 blog's with "WP Blog Starter" and make 1 post a day. Each page of both my blogs have links pointing to two of my sites.And that was all it took and it took me about 30 days to get my sites there for the keyword "start an online business" just so you know the two sites are 1stbusinessreview and firstinforeviewI have a list of over 1500 directories that I will look for and I will post them here, at the time the list was made all the directories were free to add your link to.I will also try and locate a free directory submission software, so you guys can post your links fast. I know I have a free download on one of my sites I just have to locate it.You got on the page first with just directory submission and blogging?It's a bit hard to believe.Maybe you are right, some non-competitive keyword can go to first page in google easy. But some keyword is very hard as :WOW gold, watch, shoes and so on.Everything returns to the essential matter of choosing the terms and how competitive they are.For instance, I believe thinking about the first spot on Google for the terms like web design, SEO or web hosting could be a dream, even with thousands of links.The OP makes no mention of the keyword/phrase he/she/shim managed to rank for.Anyone can rank for obscure keywords in a short time frame.You say that is only took 30 days, but your domain has been live for almost 2 years and actually expires in 3 months. This domain - an aside, you might want to save the effort of looking for the directories list, since you won't be able to post them for awhile per our revised links and signatures ruleannouncements-rules/new-signature-and-link-restrictions-t99872.htmlBesides, Joebert already maintains a rather large list hereother-search-engines/free-directories-list-t77470.htmlMost of what you have is probably already in there.
Ranking in the first page of google it depends on the keywords competition so to be ranked you should make a worth able work in creating a quality backlink to your website.