Dark_Hunter’s Guide to vBTeam V1.0


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[align=center] NOTE: NOW DOING PDF. Read it for more information! And advance details.
Dark_Hunter’s Guide to vBTeam V1.1[/align]

So you have decide to become a member of vBTeam, that’s great to hear, but its all not that easy as you think, in this guide I’m going to teach you the basic use of vBTeam, what to do and what no to do.

I will also explain the forums and functions the user groups and other things.

The rules explained
Everywhere you go there are rules, rules make the place work better, and if we didn’t have rules then the place would get out of control. Below are the rules and what they mean.

Use [FONT=&quot]Search[/FONT] before requesting hacks or Help, repeating offenders will be warned / banned.

This rule means you should search before you post a thread, ask for a mod or post a new mod. Chances are it’s already been posted by another member.

No Flaming of other members FOR ANY REASON, if you have a problem report it for dealing with correctly, Racist comments or images will not be tolerated.

This rule means that there is to be no fighting swearing towards any member or staff.

If size allows all uploads should be made via attachments, failing to do this will result in you post / link being deleted

This rule means that all files should me uploaded to the server, if all files are more than 30MBs then a Rapidshare mirror is allow. But if your upload it found to be mirrored and is less that 30MBs it may be deleted.

Anyone found to be uploading hacks containing viruses or with software built in with the intention of hacking others boards will be banned.

This means if you upload a file and it’s found to be unsafe and contains a virus, and then expect to be banned and never to come back again.

No stolen DB to be uploaded.

You are not to upload stole databases from other sites.

All file names of [FONT=&quot]GYSN[/FONT] releases must be unaltered from the original release.

You must not change any of the GYSN releases and clam as your own.

Our [FONT=&quot]forum[/FONT] is open to all ages so do not swear in your posts.

People of all ages maybe viewing this board from as low and 13 and above, so there is to be no swearing.

Do not bump a post within a 24 hour window or it will be deleted.

When you post a thread it starts are the top, if someone else posts a thread then your post will move down one and so on, posting again to that post will make it go to the top again, this is called a bump.

Advertising for staff here at [FONT=&quot]vBTeam[/FONT] is not allowed.
This rule has just been made; it means that must not ask to people to work at your forum, this is also not limited to people to work at your forum.

Fail to follow these rules and you maybe given an infraction or banned depending on what rules you have broken.

User groups explained
I’m going to explain the different types of user groups on vBTeam.

They have full control over the forums. And can see the staff forum.

Super Moderators
They can moderate the entire forum, but don’t have access to the admin control panel. And can see the staff forum.

Only moderate certain forums. And can see the staff forum.

Members that have shown to be great helpers are but in this group. They have access to the chatbox and ELiTE forums.

These members have been kind enough to donate to vBTeam and for that they have been put in this group. They can see the Chatbox, make a custom title and are also allowed a sig. They also wont have to put up with the ads.

Common mistakes users make
I admit it we all make them; after all we are only human right? Below I’m going to show you the common mistakes people make and how we can learn from it.

The first common mistake people make is posting in the wrong forums, before posting stop and think where I should be posting it, then ask yourself what is it I want, a mod? Then in that case I would post in REQ forums.

The next common mistake it installing a forum style and the images are not showing, the best way to fix it is to read the install file that comes with the style, the next way you can find out is right clicking on where the image it meant to be and clicking properties, it will show you where the image location is meant to be EG. www.yourdomain.com/images/redcarbon/statusicon/forum_new.gif

Next I'm gonna to tell you some tips you can use here at vBTeam.

When you are providing someone a mod make sure you wrap it in code HTML or PHP.
Like this.
Save the spam hit the thanks button instead.

Make sure you need help don't post a thread then say you found the problem latter, its a waste of time and a thread.

Forums explained

Announcements - Get the latest new and updates.

[FONT=&quot]General Discussion[/FONT] – Chat about something in general.
+ Discussion & Feedback – A good place to debate and get feedback.
+ Technology – A good place to talk about the latest gadgets.
+ Fun Stuff – If you found a good picture or something you want to share then this is the forum.
+ Polls – This forum is for making poll that people can vote for. (I would make a poll called do you like the new iPhone.)

Members Introduction – If you’re new to vBTeam you can post a bit about your self here.

vBulletin 4 Discussion – Talk about the new vb4 here.

How to...? – This is the place to ask for help to fix your forum or if a mod it not working, note this is not the place to request.

Programming – Come here to talk about vb’s coding here.

Graphics & Designing
[FONT=&quot]- [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Got a cool logo to show of? This is where to post it.[/FONT]

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
– This is the forum to talk about SEO’s and vbSEO.

vB 3.8.X Releases – This is the place to talk about vb’s 3.8.X series.

vB 3.8.X Add-ons and Template Modifications[FONT=&quot] – [/FONT]Modifications and add-ons for the 3.8.X series.

vB 3.8.X Styles – Get your styles for 3.8.X here there are also free ones and paid ones ported ripped and retails. For more information about rips ports and retails, go here. http://www.vbteam.info/3-8-x-premium-styles/18260-whats-rip-whats-retail-what-port.html

vBulletin 3.7.X Category– Same as 3.8.X but this one is for the 3.7.X.

vBulletin 3.6.X CategorySame as the 3.7.X but this is for 3.6.X.

Compatible Scripts – Mods and add-ons that add a completely new function to your forum.

Arcade Games – Arcade mod and games can be found here.

Language Packs – The main language for vB is English but you can request a pack to change it.
vB Graphics – This is the place for images like buttons and other things that change different images.

[REQ] Add-ons and Template Modifications[FONT=&quot] - [/FONT]Now this is where you can request for a mod from vb.org or some other place.

[REQ] Styles – You can ask a style here and also ask it to be ripped if it has no been already.

[REQ] Other – This is the place to ask for other stuff like editing of Modifications ECT.
+ [REQ] Paid Modifications – Some Add-ons and Template Modifications cost money if they do you must request it here.

Trash – All rubbish threads will be sent here.

Testing - Post are you pointless testing here like word art.


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What I cant see the admin panel dang and all this time I thought I was in there...LOL Great post Dark!!


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Thank You dark_hunter!
these will help me cruise a long way! but nothing was discusses about "quality posts" ;)