CompleteGFX - Dark vb v2


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this style is free, why is it in this sectrion?
and [req] go in the req] sections mate, remember that next time

thanks for upping anyway Hoxxy


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Ok, can someone help me with this? I uploaded it and everything is working fine except! There are only a few navbar buttons and when i go to add them, via instructions for the hacks, it cant find the phrase i am looking for. i am really confused on this because the coding seems to be alot different then other themes, or maybe its just me?


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Can somebody explain when I tried to install/upload it, it says that it only works for 3.6.4 , but I see other people who have it installed on 3.7.2.

(I have 3.7.2)


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ncrazy either they have an updated xml or they ticked ignore whn installing..if it were me I would find an updated version. Try using the search feature and see if one is avilable.


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he shut down his site because of we steal his works :( so bad...but, i mean he can always make custom styles. And then it is not his problem if style been ripped or not.

Like minnerz. he does free skins, also these are proof of his good works, and then he makes custom skins for forums who has money.

there are lots of game platform or clans who like to have their custom skin, and i belive every talanted vb designer might find at least one or two good work in a year.again, minner some time ll give you price over 1000 bucks, and there people who pays it...

so simply, i am feeling sorry for competegfx, but he been ripped because his works are good. so he should continue,i belive.