BlackIce Skin - freevbulletintemplate [3.7.3]


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This is a free Skin but Owner of theme want users to read the TOS

BlackIce Skin
Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you read these. By downloading any of the styles/skins on these pages, you are in fact confirming that all terms and conditions have been read and understood.

• You must register on the forum to be able to download these styles.
• The link back to Fife Web Solutions & Free vBulletin Templates must remain in place at all times.
• No alterations to the structural design is permitted on these styles.
• Under NO circumstances are these styles to be resold, or redistributed to others in any way, shape or form. Anyone found to be doing this will face further action.

If you have any questions relating to these terms, please email using the following:

Contact: [email protected]

TOS original page



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namkiem if you would click the demo link you would see it....always read the entire post before complaining.