Auto stretch, change bg in field colors (4 questions)


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Alright, I have four questions. Some may be easy, some may not, any help given will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

First question:
I have installed FPSS Slideshow on - The world's first Warez, Stream, Torrent Community! as you can clearly see it is working fine! However. When setting the dimensions to xxx by xxx, the slideshow is showing up in all sorts of different sizes on different resolutions and browsers for my visitors.

What I need it to do:
To auto stretch to fill the complete width of the page automatically to the visitors resolution/browser. Typical to what the forums themselves do when enlarging and shortening the width of the page, they contract and expand. How to do this with the slideshow??

Second Question: How do I insert a BG Image behind the slideshow in the table I have entered? This is a possible solution to the First Question. Because the table auto stretches, as the Slideshow does not. So if I could at least make it look nice with a background image of some sort, that would be great!

Third Question: If you look on the navbar where is says Username & password, the password field is white. I need it to be the same as the username field. The reason that it is white is because I installed the Keyboard Login. Which changed it from bginput to keyboardInput. I looked in the .css file on there, but there was nothing for BG color anywhere.

Fourth Question: When registering on the site, you will see I have Ajax check usernames and passwords on the site. After entering a field, the field turns white. How do I keep these fields from turning white?

Anyone who can assist me with these can pretty much be guaranteed a spot/position on the team as the Technical Team. Which would give you free V.I.P in return and many other great benefits.